Captivated Act Two: Victoria

By They Played Productions (other events)

24 Dates Through Sep 23, 2018

In the edges of Hollywood, there is a secret.

A glimpse of something sad. Desperate. Monstrous. 

Someone is dead and their secrets are there, right in front of you. People circle around you while you hear the whispers of someone taken before their time.

You will learn a secret here that only you know. 

What you will choose to do with it is up to you.

It's time to learn how these monsters were made...


"Captivated: An Obsession in 3 Acts"
Act Two: Victoria

Created by Erik Blair
Produced by Thea Rivera and They Played Productions

Stepy Kamei
Sarah Morris
Antonio Perez
Glenn David
Katie Conrad
Zachary Johnson-Dunlop
Katherine Flannery
Austin Schumacher
Erik Blair

They Played Productions continues its psychological-horror immersive production, "Captivated: An Obsession in 3 Acts." This is Act Two: Victoria, where you as the audience will become part of a sad event in the past where everyone around you has secrets. Whether they come out or remain hidden will be entirely up to you...

On the surface, this is the wake of a man taken before his time. Those around you have come to pay their respects. But as each audience member finds themselves face-to-face with the hidden motives of those you see, the true story of this event--and its repercussions to the future--will become clear.

Captivated is a modern retelling of a classic horror story, one based on obsession, drive, pride and just a few dead bodies.


"Victoria" is the second act of a 3-part story. Audiences can enjoy each part individually or experience all 3 over the course of this year in order to have the fullest possible immersive narrative. It is a modern version of a classic horror tale, told through the various perspectives and interactions of the guests at a wake. Each of them has what they appear to be on the surface and another story happening underneath. Through each of the 3 acts, we will be exploring need, love and the true depth of what someone is willing to do to achieve their goals--at any cost.

The experience will last between 75-90 minutes, depending on audience's choices.

The exact location of the wake will be sent to you within 24 hours of your scheduled visit. You will also receive a message from the funeral director giving you the expected rules of attending an event at this funeral parlor. 

Get ready to see this story from a completely different viewpoint.

This is an immersive experience designed for audience members 18+. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.

Please be aware that this is a fully immersive event and audience members may encounter the following themes, depending on their interactions:

* Psychological Horror
* Murder
* Obsessive Behavior
* Stalking
* Conspiracies
* Violence
* Alcoholism
* Sexual Themes
* Imprisonment

There are no aspects of haunts, extreme immersive acts, gore, actual confinement or any other harder aspects to this chapter of Captivated. It is designed to affect your mind and not your body. Audience members will have a brief (est. 30 sec) solo moment of complete darkness.

While there may be light touching between audience members and cast, it will be by audience consent only. 

Due to the nature of this event, limited audience mobility is necessary. Audiences will be expected to traverse one flight of stairs or traverse a lobby to reach an elevator.