Captivated: You

By They Played Productions (other events)

18 Dates Through May 19, 2019

A warehouse sits alone at the edge of Silverlake. The story within its walls has already caused the disappearance of a dozen women and a reporter hot on the trail. Now you have come to help the reporter's friend find the truth.

Inside there may be danger. Inside there may be horror. But in the end, there will be one question for you to answer:

Who is the actual monster here?

Captivated is a modern retelling of a classic horror story, one based on obsession, drive, pride and just a few dead bodies.


They Played Productions brings you the final story of its psychological-horror immersive production, "Captivated: An Obsession in 3 Acts." This is Act Three: You --  because you, the audience, become a character in a story based on the classic tale Frankenstein.

YOUR decisions will matter. YOUR choices will lead to one of 30 different endings.

YOU will decide who survives...and who dies.

Your choices make you complicit.

No previous knowledge or attendance at previous acts is necessary to enjoy this production. We have designed the show both for those who are new to the tale and for those who have seen previous acts. 

Welcome to Captivated: You.


"Captivated: An Obsession in 3 Acts"
Act Three: You

Created by Erik Blair
Produced by Thea Rivera and They Played Productions


Stepy Kamei
Sarah Morris
Josh Ritz
Glenn David
Katie Conrad
Austin Schumacher
Thea Rivera
Erik Blair


"You" is the third act of a 3-part story. It is NOT necessary to have seen the previous acts to enjoy the current production.

Through each of the 3 acts, we will be exploring need, love and the true depth of what someone is willing to do to achieve their goals--at any cost.  It is a modern version of the classic horror tale Frankenstein, told through bringing you into an experience where your choices will directly influence the end of the tale, each and every performance. 

The experience will last between 60-70 minutes, depending on audience's choices.

The exact location of the warehouse will be sent to you within 24 hours of your scheduled visit. You will also receive a message from Emma, the hacker who has tracked those who kidnapped her friend. Emma will give you the necessary information to prepare for the experience. 

This is an immersive experience designed for audience members 18+. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.

Please be aware that this is a fully immersive event and audience members may encounter the following themes, depending on their interactions:

* Psychological Horror
* Murder
* Obsessive Behavior
* Stalking
* Conspiracies
* Violence
* Sexual Themes
* Imprisonment
* Strangulation
* Guns

Captivated is designed to affect your mind and not your body. While there are no extreme immersive aspects, gore or actual physical confinement within this production, audiences will be expected to react to being 'caught' or 'captured' appropriately from a narrative sense and respond accordingly. A safe word will be given to audience members should the situation become too intense.

While there may be light touching between audience members and cast, it will be by consent only on either side.

Due to the nature of this event, audience mobility is necessary. Audiences will be expected to walk down a street, move through a building and potentially sneak through a room. Should audience members have concerns, please contact us directly and we will work to arrange best possible options.