We Should Meet in Air

By They Played Productions (other events)

89 Dates Through Nov 16, 2022

We Should Meet in Air

Connect across time with Sylvia Plath in a one-one-one phone-based conversation with the famed poet.

They Played Productions returns to live interactive experiences for the first time in over a year with a phone-based immersive production that explores themes both sweet and sad, personal and universal, and allows audiences to speak with the famous artist in a new, compelling way.

We Should Meet in Air is a live, over-the-phone interactive experience designed for one audience member at a time. Framed as a phone call on her final birthday, the production allows audience members the ability to speak with a Sylvia Plath imagined through the eyes of the show’s creator, Stepy Kamei. Plath’s words from her poetry, letters and interviews infuse the narrative of the audience’s interaction with the poet. This conversation offers a penetrating, visceral look into the poet’s mind soon before her suicide. 

The production reaches into Kamei’s mind as well, transforming this production into an exploration of the impact an artist can have on themselves and others even long after their death. Deeply personal on multiple levels, We Should Meet in Air creates a unique and fascinating collaboration between present and past and the echoes that haunt us all.

** Content warning: suicide, sexuality, adultery and potential other adult themes depending on audience interaction. **

Any level of previous knowledge about Sylvia Plath will work for this show.


We Should Meet in Air is the 10th live production from They Played Productions, launched in 2017 by entertainment veterans Erik Blair and Thea Rivera. In 2022, They Played Productions has begun working with other creators to bring new immersive works to audiences as producers and collaborators. We Should Meet in Air is the first of these new projects (which we call “Inventions.”) It is a collaboration between They Played Productions and Nothing in the Dark Productions, Kamei’s production company. They Played Productions is proud to be helping produce Kamei’s work and is thrilled to have this exceptional piece of entertainment as its first Invention. 

We Should Meet in Air
A Nothing in the Dark Invention

Developed by Stepy Kamei

Written by Stepy Kamei and Erik Blair
Directed by Stepy Kamei and Erik Blair

Starring: Stepy Kamei

Produced by Thea Rivera and They Played Productions

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This show is intended for audiences 15+.